Hello Amazing Reader,

Welcome to June! This month, God causes you to rejoice exceedingly. He’ll visit you in a new way, and cause your expectations to be turned to testimonies, in Jesus name.

Today’s showcase edition is particularly dedicated to those who are looking to expose themselves to more Godly content. It’s such a privilege to be alive in this time where more and more people are devoting themselves to creating more edifying pieces. One of such people are the Winlos- Ohis and Anwinli Ojeikere (their YouTube channel is a huge blessing; you should check it out).

The Winlos started out as skit makers, but God has increased them to become film makers. In 2023, they premiered part 1 of Prophet Suddenly, and we’ve also reviewed it here. Just last week, May 25th, part 2 was premiered on their YouTube Channel. We’ll be watching it and reviewing it in the 1nebody community in the coming weeks. Ahead of that, we strongly recommend that you watch it and let others in on it as well.

God bless the Winlos, and team for making Jesus known through their skits and movies!