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It’s another Review Thursday and it’s a blessing to have you here. 

First, I apologize for not reviewing this movie sooner because God had been prompting me to do so, but I kept procrastinating. I felt there was too much to write about it. If you’ve watched it, you can probably relate. For the benefit of those who haven’t, I’ll share some of the lessons I learnt.

Unholy Desperation: 

The movie begins with the result of Michael’s life after becoming a self-acclaimed prophet. He ended up a lunatic and became a learning point for another young man who desired to be a ‘man of God’ at all cost. Michael had always nursed the idea of being a ‘big man of God’ because of the affluence that he assumed came with it.

We must constantly examine ourselves to determine why we do the things we do.


Michael’s friendship with CK was one of the factors that ruined him. CK was not married and saw nothing wrong with frolicking with different ladies. He kept advising Michael to try adultery. Although he refused the offer severally, he eventually gave in.

The voices we listen to matter a lot.


Michael knew that adultery was sinful and initially avoided it. However, he gave in just once and there was no going back. CK had been doing the same thing, yet it seemed there was no consequence for his actions. We must be wary of those actions that we know are sinful, but we feel tempted to try them out because ‘others are doing it.’

Sin remains a sinker, no matter who is committing it, it’s only a matter of time. 

Godly Marriage: 

Michael had a beautiful and initially godly family. However, his desperation for wealth led to his continued absence from church and his family. Overtime, he opened his home to the enemy through adultery. I strongly feel if he had openly discussed issues with his wife, things would have turned out differently. 

I’ll pause here and leave you to watch (or re-watch) the movie because there are too many lessons to unpack. God bless the Winlos (Ohis and Anwinli Ojeikere), producers of this movie for continuously bringing God’s word to life through their skits and movies. Prophet Suddenly premiered in 2023, and so far there have been over three million views on YouTube. I strongly recommend that you subscribe to their YouTube channel for similar spirit-filled content.

Also, on the 1nebody book club, we’d be reviewing this movie and another resource this Saturday, February 10th, by 7 pm (WAT).You can join us through this Zoom link. We would be delighted to have you. 

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*Image source: YouTube