Congratulations!!! You successfully made it to the end of the first half.

While the first half of a tournament could determine the rest of the game, often times we see a complete twist in the turn of events. We could relate this to the ongoing world cup, Russia 2018;  where we have seen several scenarios play out so far.

There are teams which started out well in the first half but somehow the opponents took over the game in the second half and won. A case in point being Egypt vs. Saudi Arabia. Though Egypt scored the first goal, the game ended in favour of Saudi Arabia (Egypt 1- Saudi Arabia 2).

We have also seen games which we thought were over but just a few seconds to the end of the second half, there was a  twist in the plot; Spain vs. Iran being an example. I mean we all thought, Spain’s winning this already and suddenly Iran equalized at the dying minute; making it Spain 2-Iran 2.

I hope with these few points, you have been convinced that 2018 is not over yet, it is only the end of the first half. You only need to re-strategize, re-align, revamp yourself for a comeback with the start of the second half.

God’s got you. Remember his word in Job 14:7, ‘For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.’ The reason you did not pass away with the first half of 2018 is because God isn’t done with you yet. You need to keep your hope in God alive knowing that He has said it and He is able to make it good.

It is also time to re-visit the goals you had at the beginning of the year to see how well you have fared. You are the best one to tell yourself the truth. If you have done well so far, that’s great but you cannot afford to rest just yet. If things did not go as planned, hey, don’t give up. There’s still six months ahead. You need to remind yourself that God is faithful. He’s never failed anyone and He’s not about to start with you.

Cheer up! 2018 is still your year, this half is ending in your favour and your expectations will not be cut short in Jesus name. Amen!

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