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Trust August is being awesome already? Some weeks ago, we had a chat with Alexandra Zion (AZ).  We discussed how she discovered her gift of writing, how she has been utilizing her gift amongst others. It’s still available  in case you missed it.

Today’s edition brings you the concluding part as promised.

1nebody:  Let’s talk about your works, what kind of writings do you do?

AZ: I write fiction and non-fiction. Fiction in terms of stories and poems. Non-fiction in terms of devotionals, blogs, articles for self and for others. I also have a website where I share some of my writings.

1nebody: Great. That’s a tick for both genres then. Now to inspiration, what inspires you to write and do you experience any challenge putting your thoughts to paper?

AZ: I’ll take the inspiration part first. Basically everything inspires me to write . I want to write when I’m done praying, I want to write after listening to a song, I want to write after watching a movie, I want to write after reading a book. After deep conversations with friends, I want to write. That said, I still ascribe my source of inspiration to God. For the challenges, it’s very easy to procrastinate as a writer and to get tired (laughs) In fact, I think it comes with the package; planning to write but ending up eating chocolates or texting old friends. That happens to me. However, life is all about consistency and no matter how tired we become at any point, let us not lose sight of why we started and of where we are headed.

1nebody: Wow. You do have a way of churning out these quotable quotes don’t you (laughs) I won’t forget that in a hurry. I am sure our readers also. As we conclude, would you regard writing as your life’s purpose.

AZ: (Laughs) No, but I would say it is definitely a key instrument in fulfilling my life’s purpose. Like I mentioned earlier, consistency is the rule of this game. As you keep at it, you realize different chapters keep unfolding from time to time.

1nebody: Some depth again (laughs) Thank you so much for this chat, it’s been such a wonderful time. The entire crew wishes you all of God’s best for you in this season and wisdom for more creativity.
AZ: Thank you for having me as well and thank you for the opportunity.