Job 29:15-16 says, ‘I was eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame. I was a father to the poor: and the cause which I knew not I searched out.’

In today’s edition, 1nebody brings you excerpts of her chat with the visionary of the Hope Army, Evangelist Michael Babalola ( also known as Michael Legend) who has been called by God to raise an army of hope to the world.

1nebody: Could you give a brief on the Hope Army?

ML: The Hope Army was founded in 2015 on the principles of prayer, evangelism, and charity. I have always had the passion to preach and also reach out. It wasn’t easy from the onset. You know having to get people who believe the vision. But my encounter in January 2016 had a tremendous impact on my life and ministry. I could say it changed everything.

1nebody: Do you mind if we back up to this encounter?

ML: Not at all. You see before January 2016, all I had was the passion to do something extraordinary as a young preacher. I had always known that I was called to do more. But I hadn’t figured it out. My prayer at the close of 2015 was for grace to serve God better than ever in 2016. Only for me to find myself on a wheelchair two months later. I used to have what you can call phobia for the hospital, but having to be at the emergency for two days transformed me and my perspective to life.

1nebody: Would it be correct to say this experience was answer to your prayers?

ML: Initially, it did not seem so but when I left the hospital (first week of February 2016), it took me sometime to get on my feet so I was always indoors and doing lots of meditations. That’s when I would say the vision got clearer to me to lead the Hope Movement.

1nebody: Interesting but what exactly is the Hope movement?

ML: God said to me, there are diverse movements on earth today such as the Faith movement, the Prayer movement, Worship, Hope, etc ; but I am called to be one of His little ones to lead His end-time Hope movement. A vivid example of a leader of the Faith movement in our time is Bishop David Oyedepo. There are also those who are voices in every generation. You can call them reformers. Historical examples include: Apostle Paul, Martin Luther King Jr., Benson Idahosa, Kathryn Kulman etc.Now, these Movements are the same thing the Church refers to as the Revival today. One of the prominent prayer movement/revival in recent history is the Azuza street revival. So, according to God’s end-time program, His Church has been designated into Movements. Now, to answer the question, I give you a pointer to a person who has been called to the Hope movement; such persons are passionate about others in terms of reaching out and sharing in their burdens. They always desire to inspire and make the world a better place. They can give out just anything to put smiles on people’s faces.

1nebody: How did you know for sure that this is your place?

ML: I didn’t have an encounter, but encounters. For example, I have had to fast for three days before. Not fasting and prayer now but compulsory fasting because there was no food to eat. So I know exactly what it means to feed the hungry. I have been there. I have used a pair of shoe to the extent that one part was completely worn off. I had to trim both to the same level in order to keep using them. Again, because I have been there,I know what it means to be a blessing to others. I believe that God has His own way of preparing us for His purposes.

1nebody: He definitely does.We have to round up soon but let’s discuss the activities of the Hope Army. How have you been able to restore hope to others so far?

ML: The Hope Army functions through four basic missions: Rise of Giants, Giants Assembly, Gospel Praise Party and Project Hope. Project Hope is the humanitarian/ non-profit arm, it is known as Michael Legend Hope & Relief Initiative. So far, we have had three major outreaches.The fourth one comes up on Saturday, 25th August 2018.

1nebody: Sounds great.What would this entail?

ML: Remember Project Hope is out to shoulder the burdens of the poor, the orphans, the desolate, the homeless, the old, the hungry, the naked, the sick, and the needy. I needed to say that because all our missions are rooted in absolute spiritual understanding. That said, we would be visiting: Zion Orphanage and Widows Home, Lugbe and
General Hospital, Nyanya; both locations are in Abuja, Nigeria.

1nebody: Wow, God bless the entirety of your team for going all out to put smiles on the faces of others.We’ll have to stop here for now but can we know how to follow your activities online.

ML: On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are @mlharinitiative. Our phone number : +2347032998069.

1nebody: Thank you for your time and God bless you all for what you do.

ML: Amen; God bless you too!