What’s that pit/prison/situation in which you have found yourself that God did not put you in?  Or could it be you who has put yourself in there? Scrap that! I mean how you got in there is no longer relevant;  it’s time to come out!

Through Peter’s account in prison (Acts 12:5-10), Archbishop Idahosa in this message lets us know that God’s power which brought Peter out of Herod’s hold is still as potent today;I’ll share a few points.

The key to getting out of prison isn’t crying.  Peter wasn’t crying while in prison, the three hebrew boys weren’t crying when they were in the fiery furnace. They were restful in God knowing He was more than able to deliver them. Imagine that Peter was even asleep? Take your rest in God dear reader.

Second, never let another person determine your future. Oh, they would never give you a brownie point even when it’s well deserved; rather, they’ll tell you everything wrong about you. They’ll attribute it to your race, age, family background, lack of this or that factor; i’ll tell you something. For as long as you keep listening to them, you’ll remain stuck in that pit forever and a day. Even Papa Idahosa was told  at the start of his ministry that it would only survive for five weeks  (hahaha); but glory to God, the same ministry is celebrating her 50th year anniversary beginning September 10th 2018. He was also told he couldn’t make it in ministry and for 11 years he was limited but as soon as he received the light of God’s word that He can do all things, everything changed. He became a ‘possibilitarian’ ; evidence of which we can see today.

You must quit letting the naysayers determine what you can or can’t do. In his words, you must ‘determine to be who God says you are.’

This message lasts about 50 minutes and I guarantee you a radical shift in your thought pattern when you are done watching as well as light to permanently get you out of your prison.

God’s blessings always,


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