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This book was given to me by my husband shortly after our wedding. Even though we both had agreed and were not actively trying for children in the first year of our marriage, I read the book a few weeks after the wedding. It helped me a great deal through my childbirth process, from conception till our son was born. It helped me understand what to pray for before conception, during pregnancy, delivery and after delivery. This book was my other Bible throughout the journey.

The preface, written by the author’s husband Terry Mize helps us understand that the most important thing about supernatural childbirth is being able to conceive, deliver without complications with a healthy mother and child, not necessarily delivering without pain. Although, if your faith is strong enough to believe for a pain-free delivery then by all means, reach for it!

In writing, Jackie shares her personal experiences which makes all she advises and teaches more real. To drive home her points, experiences from others she had come in contact with were also shared.


One needs to understand thoroughly the processes involved with conception, pregnancy and delivery. This may sound too simple to you. But trust me, it is an important point. If you do not understand what is required of you and your body throughout the journey, you would not know what to ask God for specifically.

Secondly, find out what God says in His word concerning you as regards childbirth. Search and read the scriptures for bible verses on childbirth. Don’t stop there however. Memorize them, speak them and pray them into existence. At some point, doubt and fear will attempt to creep in, but those scriptures are what will renew your faith and confidence in God.

No one can believe for you. Even if your husband has faith that you will have your child (ren) supernaturally, your own faith needs to be put to work! You are the one who will push your baby into this world.

Do not accept any negative verdict or profession made regarding your childbirth. However, there is no need to argue with them in a bid to believe in the miracle of supernatural childbirth. Most of the time, and around certain people, it is better to keep your professions to yourself so no one tampers with your faith through their words.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to get a hardcopy or the audio version of the book. You can download audible on your phone’s app store and have this book narrated to you. It can even be on repeat just like I did!

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