In our previous chat with the President of the Hope Army, Evangelist Michael L. Babalola (ML) we started off a conversation on the activities of this army. In that chat, he mentioned the Gospel Praise Party being one of the missions of the group; this is our focus today’s session.Excerpts below:

1nebody: It’s great to have you on this edition. It’s all about the Gospel Praise Party today. Could you let us in on that?

ML: GOSPEL PRAISE PARTY (GPP) is a Prophetic High Praise Invasion that exists to preach Self-Discovery. This is achieved through quality worship, praise, and Word impact. You see, man was created to serve God (as seen in Exodus 8:1), and one of the offshoots of divine service is praise (Psalm 100:2; 102:18; 146:2; 150:6). I believe that God has not only called me to lead the hope movement, but by the grace of divine election, the praise movement too. This is backed up with the revelation I had a few years back, which summarizes where God is taking the GPP.

1nebody: Do you mind sharing this revelation?

ML: Not at all. It was a GPP , but this time, the crowd was massive, the kind I had never seen before. We were gathered at a venue that looked like a city square. There were gospel ministers,choristers lined up and I was ready to coordinate but to my amazement, it was as if an invisible hand suspended me and took over the praise meeting.  Next thing, I saw the ministers take turns in ministering. It was so effortless and perfect. Their ministrations were so angelic and celestial. When I looked towards the crowd, many were broken, others healed, transformed, in tears of joy, absolute reverence to God, to mention a few. After this experience, God said to me, “Praise in the latter days has been ordained as a gateway of heaven’s interaction with the earth.’’

1nebody: Wow! That was so graphic. Did you start off right after God showed you this?

ML: Yes, I had this revelation in 2013 but GPP began before then, it was more of a confirmation when I received it.  Although we are not where He showed me in that vision yet, but certainly our eyes are fixed on Him and  I know we shall get there, shortly.

1nebody: Amen to that! Could you share details of when and where this is happening?

ML:  Certainly. The next edition of Gospel Praise Party comes up on Sunday, 21st October 2018, it’s been tagged: THE EMERGENCE! It is the most anticipated in GPP history. We believe God is set to do the unusual this season. To the glory of God, the just commissioned Music Team of The Hope Army “The Voice of Hope” will  be ministering alongside six other highly spirited psalmists and praise leaders. We trust God to see His glory in a dimension never seen before. There will also be a brief Word session, call to repentance, diverse healings, signs and wonders. To crown it all, I believe God is using this edition to separate to Himself a people of praise, hence the prophetic team – The Emergence! Everyone is invited to come partake of this divine agenda.

1nebody:  How amazing! What about those who may not be physically present?

ML: Yes, we have put them into consideration as well. We will have every moment captured through our stories on facebook and instagram ; @thehopearmy on both platforms. Our website is also up and running, every  other information anyone would require is available there.

1nebody: Great! As we conclude, what other events have you for this year?

ML:  We have one more mission  in 2018 – the PROPHETIC RISE OF GIANTS. This would come up in December at date that shall be published. Rise of Giants is the foundation on which The Hope Army is built, and when the time is right, we shall find absolute delight in sharing the vision with 1NEBODY blog. May I also add that the beauty of life lies in the finding and tireless pursuit of divine agenda. Every man (or woman) on divine assignment cannot be broken, discouraged, or set aside. When God sends, He guides and provides. This is our confidence and experience in The Hope Army.

1nebody: God certainly comes through for His own. Thank you so much for sharing with us again today. We pray you a very successful GPP.

ML: God bless you for the good work!!! You’re an inspiration. Keep it up.