Have you had to wait on God for something? Was it pleasant? Did it pay-off eventually?

Having to wait on God to come through for us is not usually a palatable experience. Our human nature will rather have it at the snap of the finger and when it looks like there’s some delay, we often resort to alternatives in our quest for a quick-fix.

The danger of these ‘quickies’ however is that it’s never comparable with what God would have given if only we waited; ‘I really should have waited‘ then becomes the chorus when faced with the consequences of our alternatives.

Even the Almighty God knows that waiting on Him would attract mockery from others, disdain and sometimes tears. He knows we will have those around us who will suggest all manner of solutions. This is why He rewards us big time when we choose to stay trusting.

Isaiah 25 is full of praises to God for the victory He procured for His people (the Church) after an oppressive reign from their enemies.  Verse 9 (the message) says ”…Look at what’s happened! This is our God! We waited for him and he showed up and saved us! This GOD, the one we waited for! Let’s celebrate, sing the joys of his salvation. God’s hand rests on this mountain.” 

What a testimony!  As long as we wait, God’s committed to showing up and saving us. Now, waiting isn’t sitting around, doing nothing and waiting for God to show up. It requires active steps of faith. It’ll require building up ourselves in His word, confessing and professing until we have our testimonies.

As we enter the new working week, receive renewed grace to wait for Him in Jesus name.

God’s blessings always,


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