So here I was, praying about a particular situation and I heard God say to me, “I am not an irresponsible Father. “

But God, I didn’t say you were…” I said, attempting to defend myself but that was exactly what my prayer request suggested.

Just like we don’t particularly beg our earthly parents to provide us with our basic needs, especially when are still dependent on them, God doesn’t expect us to beg Him before He meets our needs.

Imagine your 3 year old saying, “Dad,  can  I please have some water to drink.” Now, there’s available water but the father is taking a bit to heat up the water in order to ensure he’s not unduly exposing his son . While the water is heating up, the child is throwing a tantrum and screaming all over the place. No matter how hard he cries, his father knows not to halt the process simply because the child is crying.

That’s exemplary of our relationship with God. Sometimes we cry, wail and scream at God asking for particular requests;  but, He knows not to halt the process just because we are crying. He knows we will eventually be better off when we wait through the process.

Matthew 6: 25-34 reminds us that God, our Father isn’t oblivious of our needs.But, we must trust Him by obediently following through what He’s asked of us. Naturally, the blessings would follow and we won’t have to beg, attempting to make Him look irresponsible.

Let’s take out time to find out the demands of the blessing we’re seeking and trust God to help us follow through the process; Amen!!