In this season of Easter, we are reminded of the unfeigned love of God towards us when He gave up His only begotten son to afford us eternal lives.
As believers, God expects us to express this love to others so that they also can experience His love. Joining us on today’s edition is the President of Yahab Humanitarian Initiative (Y.H.I), Mr Kehinde Ezekiel Oyinloye.

See excerpts below:

1NEBODY: Could you give a brief about Y.H.I and what led to its establishment?

Y.H.I: I’ll back up a bit. Growing up, I had always been concerned about what I could do to help others. I watched my parents give a whole lot and that had always inspired me. However, a few weeks before my 24th birthday two years ago, I found myself gravely concerned about how I could positively impact my world, of course beginning with Nigeria. I saw several around me living in poor physical and mental conditions. This prompted me to start thinking of building a system that believes in Nation building through humanitarian service. The words of Mother Theresa, “ I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples,” made me realize that I cannot get the work done alone. I needed those of like minds and passion to get it done effectively. I decided to create a whatsapp group where I invited 16 of my friends and I shared the vision with them. That was how the journey began.

1NEBODY: Wow, it’s really assuring to know that we could at least create ripples that would ultimately effect a change. I’ve been curious about the name, “Yahab” though, what does it mean?

Y.H.I : The name, ‘Yahab” was given to me by the Holy Ghost. I was thinking of a name when the Holy Ghost prompted me to check the Hebrew word for giving. I found out the word was Yahab; hence the name, Yahab Movement. It also has a scriptural backing, 2 Corinthians 9:6-9

1NEBODY: What activities have you been involved in so far?

Y.H.I : We have visited orphanage homes where we distributed relief materials (toiletries, clothes, food items, and books) to more than 80 orphans. We have also visited the Nigeria Prisons, Kuje where we also reached out to about 150 inmates. We saw nine of the inmates surrender their lives to Jesus; two were empowered with tailoring skills and God helped us to bail out one. Again, we have visited a disabled colony in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), where we attended to about 400 disabled persons.

1NEBODY: All of these in two years?

Y.H.I : Yes, by God’s grace.

1NEBODY: Do you stay in touch with these people or it’s just a one-off empowerment?

Y.H.I: No, they are not one-off empowerments. I have taken up a personal responsibility of staying in touch with these people.

1NEBODY: Could you intimate us about your next project(s)?

Y.H.I: Certainly. We have an outreach scheduled for 18th May 2019. It is all about extending the love of Christ to the blind. We are visiting the F.C.T school for the blind and we plan to provide them with braille papers, walking guide, slate, stylus and talking wrist watches. In the course of our preliminary visits, we realized that most of them are from poor backgrounds and are unable to afford these aids. Through these visits, I have learnt a better sense of appreciation to God. I saw how excited they were in spite of their seeming physical challenge. We believe that with the help of God, this would be achieved.

1NEBODY: Amen to that. How could people partner with Y.H.I to achieve this?

Y.H.I: Through their time and resources. We have more than 107 children in need of the items mentioned earlier and we trust God to make these resources available.

1NEBODY: Y.H. I recently marked her second year anniversary, what have been the lessons for you as the President in this period?

Y.H.I: There are several. I have learnt to depend solely on God, to remain focused, committed and dedicated to achieving my dreams. I have learnt to keep the grass green always so that the sheep will always find where to pasture; I have also learnt that everything great must embrace the process. That bit cannot be overlooked, although tough, we must endure as soldiers of Christ; 2 Timothy 2:3-5. Again, my greatest asset has been the word of God. I have learnt that I cannot exist without it. God has also brought people our way who have been assets to this vision.

1NEBODY: Going forward, what do we expect of Y.H.I?

Y.H.I: The ultimate dream is to reach out to the world and not just Nigeria. Our vision is to raise an army of altruists that would use their time, resources and talents to elevate mankind. Our mission is spreading love and touching lives. We will do this until many across the world experience the love of Christ and are impacted by the same love. The vision is for posterity. My earnest prayer though, is for God to bring my way more passionate people with whom to run this vision with; those who wouldn’t give sleep to their eyes until humanity is loved. We also plan to imbibe our core values of responsibility, selflessness, integrity and excellence into our team members.

1NEBODY: Super plans you have there. It’s been great speaking with you Mr Oyinloye. We pray you greater grace ahead in Jesus Name.

Y.H.I: Amen, thank you so much for the opportunity too.