We’re still in celebration mood πŸ™‚

Trust you are well dear one? It was our second anniversary yesterday; hence the excitement. God’s been super good to us and we’re screaming on the rooftops and letting everyone know, you inclusive πŸ˜‰

In our premiere post for the new year, which doubles as a Review Thursday, we have a song of adoration which totally encapsulates our hearts of gratitude.

This song is special on many levels. One, the mix of the Nigerian igbo language and English. Two, the combination of ministers. It was the first time Tim and Travis got together; fantastic doesn’t cut this ministration, believe me πŸ™‚

When next you find yourself in awe of God’s goodness and you don’t seem to find the right words, this song would certainly help you express yourself.

Now that you’ve learnt the lines, how about you join us in saying to God, Nara Ekele Mo (meaning accept my praise).

God bless you Ministers Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene!

*Image: Sourced here