Oh the flux teenage of years!  It comes with so much drama, sometimes too much to handle for the parent/guardian of the teenager.

It’s such a determining phase in life. Some are able to chart their courses right,  through the help of God, right parenting , the right company, etc and off they go piloting through other stages of life. Many others suffer identity crisis in this phase, unable to decipher right from wrong and sometimes become victims of circumstances; hardly able to get back on track.

By the help of the Holy Spirit, the Michael Legend Hope and Relief Initiative (MLHARI) and partners  had for the very first time, the Abuja Teens Conference on 31st August 2019 ; targeted at helping teenagers through this extremely delicate phase of their lives.

The event marked the 7th project of MLHARI, no wonder it turned out so perfect. A great team of resource persons were present to educate the teenagers and their parents on topical issues that characterize the teenage years such as managing peer pressure, sex and wellness education, overcoming depression, understanding purpose, the role of the 21st century youth, and building self-confidence.

The resource team was made up of Rita Eghujovbo (Founder OnomEse Foundation),  Etima Umeh (Founder Teens Roundtable), Benson Wealth (Entrepreneur), Abraham Orukpe (Founder Smile Planet Foundation), Funke Obafemi (Founder TEGRI), Andra Uwadiae (Chartered Mediator) and Michael Legend of (MLHARI)

Apart from the mental impact the conference had on the teenagers, they also benefited from free health checks and nine of them  won scholarships on the platform of MLHARI’s Project 1000 kids in Schools 2019.

Beneficiaries of the scholarship

All of the beneficiaries are students of Junior Secondary School Gbazango, Kubwa, Abuja-one of the beneficiaries of the initiative’s education fund.

This typifies Christianity you know- positively impacting our world one step after another and revealing Jesus by our words, deeds and actions.

Well done Project Hope and partners! May the world continue to see Jesus through you.

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