Testimonies are such a potent force; they remind us of the greatness of our God. Another beautiful part is the multiplier effect testimonies have. When God visits a person, it’s a pointer that He can do the same for you and as many believing Him for the same miracle.

‘Still Moving’ can be summed up as a song of testimonies. In this live worship experience, Minister William McDowell recounts on the greatness of God that he has seen in his ministry; confident that the God who performed all of the miracles he’s seen is still able to do more:

He’s still moving,

He’s still proving just how great He is

Some of the testifiers were in the live audience and having narrated their testimonies (almost all near-to-death experiences), you are reminded that God is still able and there is nothing too hard for God-not cancer, not HIV/AIDS, not diabetes, not sickle cell anemia; nothing at all.

A caveat though, this isn’t just another song. It is full of God’s power. As you watch, I am too convinced that you would be reminded about the greatness of our God and the nothingness of that situation you’re currently faced with.

Still Moving is part of the 18-track The Cry album recently released, it’s available for purchase here.

God’s blessings always,


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