Hello Dear One,

Welcome to another showcase edition, it’s always a pleasure to have you stop by. Today, we present to you the concluding bit of our chat with the visioner  of the Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM). In case you missed out on the first part, it would be a great idea to catch up.

1NEBODY: What has it been like living out the BLAM assignment?

TTA: Well, it has been a very interesting journey with highs and lows, but like I earlier mentioned, my preparation period has helped me to remain consistent and undaunted in the Lord during the lows and it has helped me remain humble and grateful through the highs. God also keeps sending the right people my way. Interestingly, I met most of the people working with us through social media and we have developed a strong sisterhood. I have had people serve, people give, people trust and people love me, from meeting through social media.

1NEBODY: That’s really great to know. Apart from the debut conference that held in June last year, have there been other conferences?

TTA: Yes, Undaunted 1.0 held on 1st December 2018. We hosted Rev Laurie Idahosa, Mrs Nkechi Harry-Ngonadi (NHN) and Pastor Seun Uwubanmwen. We also had the beauty for ashes session. It was a meeting of intense worship and surrender to God in a friendly yet fire-filled and vulnerable atmosphere.

1NEBODY: I can only imagine. Undaunted is such a catch though. What about the name?

TTA: First, it means to be fearless. The debut conference we had was tagged Be Found ; that was when God gave me that word-Undaunted. He told me expressly to share my journey to becoming, give an account of my brokenness and write a testament of my yielded-ness despite my rough routes. He wants to use my life as proof to His girls  that He would use broken vessels if only they would yield to him.  He wants me to  illuminate His power  to heal and restore for the praise of His glory. He is sending me to an  imperfect army who is not afraid to show their scars in order to heal, encourage, bring hope and alignment to others.                                                                                                 

1NEBODY: This is so timely because all around we see people who feel they aren’t worthy of God’s love because of what they’ve done

 TTA: Very true. It is also important that God is not misrepresented to the body of Christ, among which there are people who are going through issues like abuse, drug addiction and the likes but feel they are alone in it. Some of these people are insecure and have a poor self-image because the church seems quiet about these issues. Let’s not forget that many in the church today were saved from these vices and our seeming silence on these issues contribute to the shame and secrecy that satan attaches to these victims. This is why God has appointed me alongside other comrades and fore-runners to carry out this mandate. I also have a book, which addresses these issues; it’s titled Undaunted.

1NEBODY: You do? How amazing is that! Is it available for purchase?

TTA: Yes it is, interested buyers could contact RovingHeights, or call 08181419730; delivery is free within Abuja

1NEBODY: That’s super. Plans are underway for Undaunted 2.0, could you let us in on this? We had great women of God in the first edition, who are we expecting this time around?

TTA:   I’ll start with the second part of the question because it still feels surreal that we would host Mrs Ibukun Awosika. If someone had told me in January this year or even two months ago that we would host Mrs Awosika, I would have asked the person to stop messing with me; but, God has made it happen. We would also be having Minister Prospa Ochimana lead us in an intense worship session.

1NEBODY: Wow! That’s exciting news.

TTA: You can say that again. I strongly believe that Undaunted 2.0 is a divine appointment with destiny. God has  sent Mrs Awosika and Prospa to be midwives to His daughters to birth them into fulfillment. I believe God wants to bring women into financial prosperity, we are in that season, and His servants would help us in birthing it. It is important to mention that it would be a Word, worship and instruction-filled meeting. I would encourage participants to come with an open heart, hungry and with their writing materials. I am positive that instructions would be dropping that would lead them to the next season of their lives.

1NEBODY: Amen to that. You’ve been all about ladies though, is this a strictly- female event?

TTA: (Laughs) Well, it is a meeting tailored for women, it will address mainly issues that affect women, but like I always say, we love our men and we are not anti-men, so if any bold brother wants to come fellowship with us, they are very  welcome.

1NEBODY: (Laughs) I like the bit on bold brothers. So, when, where and how much does it cost to be part of this?

TTA: It holds on Monday, 7th October by 4pm. Venue is Dyscovery Place, Gudu District, Abuja and it’s absolutely free of charge.  You are not paying any gate fees but you would need to register.

1NEBODY: You don’t say! At this point, I suggest you get registered right away

As we conclude, are there opportunities for partnerships, volunteers and the likes?

TTA:   We usually put up announcements on our social media handles, calling for such opportunities. Kindly follow us on instagram: @tolulopetundeajiboye; @bloomingamazons. We also run a Whatsapp group , named BLAM whatsapp Hangout here we host different speakers to address different issues that affect the 21st century Christian woman.  To join in, please send a message with your Whatsapp enabled number to 08181419730.

1NEBODY: Thank you, thank you so much TTA for taking time out to speak with us. We believe God with you that Undaunted 2.0 would be extremely successful by God’s grace.

TTA:  Amen. Thank you too for having me, it was a pleasure speaking to you.

The End