Hello Amazing Reader,

Trust you are doing well? You had a great weekend? It’s a new week with new blessings, glory to God!

A t a Bible study a few years ago, the minister shared with us from Mark 11. Prior to this meeting, I knew Mark 11:1-11 to have the account of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and nothing else. But, in that meeting, the minister shared an interesting revelation.

In verses 1-3, Jesus instructed the disciples to go into a particular village in order to get a tied colt which no one had ever ridden. We don’t know for how long that colt was tied up and the Bible also has no record that it was ill or deformed. It was just tied up. Imagine the colt feeling less than a colt so many times especially when it saw other colts been ridden.  What this colt didn’t know was that it was being preserved for a glory no other colt in that village had experienced.

As soon as the disciples entered the village, they didn’t miss the colt. Jesus had aptly described it. Immediately, they untied it  and took it to Jesus. Before the colt knew it, it was being decorated with cloaks. Then Jesus took a triumphant ride on it into Jerusalem. People hailed and cheered gleefully as Jesus took His triumphant ride on this initially ‘abandoned’ colt. I imagine that from that moment, the value of that colt skyrocketed. It probably had people scrambling for its ownership.I mean, who wouldn’t desire to own the colt that Jesus had ridden.

Do you feel like this unridden, tied up colt? Every other ‘colt’ around you seems to be enjoying all the benefits you’ve always longed for but you are just tied up and unridden.  Don’t you despair dear one, because just like the unridden colt had its day of glory; yours is also close by. In fact, it’s closer now than ever. You are not forgotten!

God’s blessings always,