It’s a Travis-edition people!!!

The Breaker’ is  another heaven-baked inspiration delivered through Travis Greene.

The preoccupation of this song is getting broken by God in order to be made by Him. Realizing that many times, we would rather the making without the breaking; Minister Travis reminds us through this song that while the breaking process may not feel good, it  will certainly pay off in the long run.

It may not feel good to me but it is good for me

To be broken by you

One may be wondering, “ can I come with my mistakes, scars and all? I’ve done the most awful things ever, surely God wants nothing to do with someone like me.”  The truth is, God wants you plus your mistakes, so that He can ultimately use every bit of you for His glory. He knew of your mistakes long before you made them, yet He decided to love you nonetheless and it is only with Him that  your mistakes can be turned into something positive

My life is safer, when I get to the breaker

Bring my mistakes, to the hand of the maker

Interestingly, this is closely related to our last review of T.D Jakes’ book- Crushing. Mind you, this wasn’t pre-planned, it can’t be referred to as a coincidence as well. We rather choose to see it as God reminding us that He’s with us in our breaking-crushing season.

The Breaker was released on 4th October 2019, as part of Travis’ Album- Broken Record. It’s available for purchase here– the songs would bless you, that I’m positive about.

God’s blessings always,


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