Hello Dear One,

It’s good news Saturday 😀 Yes, it’s always good news on here but this news is epic!!!

We’re counting up to the 2019 edition of the largest gospel music event in Africa. Yop, you guessed right- it’s almost time for The Experience 2019. I bet you are equally excited🎈🎈🎈🎉🎊

The Experience presents us an opportunity to worship God with millions of people from across the globe. All the previous editions have been nothing short of miraculous, with each year surpassing the previous.

Isn’t this post a bit too early?” Nah, absolutely not. You need to mark your calendar early enough, notify your family, friends, foes and friends of your friends, literally everyone in your circle😀; hence the early heads up.

6th December 2019 it is! Whether you plan to be a virtual participant or physically present, it would be worthwhile to follow the dedicated channels to stay abreast with updates.