Hello Dear One,

We’re talking relationships today 😍😍so while this may be particularly targeted at those desiring to be married, others not in this category also have a lot to learn.

In this video, Mrs Kemi and her husband, Pst David Oyedepo Jnr talk about maximizing a season that many tend to gloss over in a bid to hurry off to the next phase. They emphasize on the need for individuals to develop themselves towards being complete, instead of looking for others to fulfill this need.

They also talk about preparing oneself-spirit, soul and body. Spiritually, your single season is the best time to develop your walk with God, so much that it becomes a part of you. Praying, studying the word of God and the place of fellowship were discussed as keys to achieving this.

Something else that got me was Pastor David’s debunking the myth that this generation doesn’t like to read. He said, they do read but not the right things and that’s so true! He admonished viewers, not just singles to expose themselves to the right materials; this way they get to learn from the writers experience without having to go through the same.

Believe me, there’s too much to learn from this 30-minute video ; you’re encouraged to watch and share.

God’s blessings always,