Hey dear one,

How’s the new week coming along? Great, I hope.

When we face challenges, the ultimate goal of the devil is to get us offended in God and at God. The moment he succeeds in achieving this, he has taken our eyes away from God.

King David was smart enough to understand the tricks of the enemy. Oh, how he faced challenges; in fact, tons and tons of them; but one thing he never did was to take his eyes away from God. Even when the situation didn’t seem deserving of praise, King David always found a reason for gratitude. He understood the deceptive nature of his feelings, so even when he did not feel anything like it, he spoke to his soul to praise the Lord as seen in Psalm 103.

In the face of contrary situations, the wonders of God’s creation was enough testament to him about the greatness of God; Psalm 104 typifies this. No wonder King David knew how to get God on his side and live a perpetually triumphant life.

Dear One, if it seems like there’s nothing around you to thank God for in this season; I encourage you to celebrate God for His greatness. Take a moment and observe the wonders of all He’s created; you’ll be reminded that your God is not only great, but the greatest of all.

Have a praise-filled week with attendant testimonies!

God’s blessings always,