The Christmas season is upon us people 💃💃 We’re grateful to God for the gift of Jesus; the reason for the season and we refuse to lose sight of that.

Shiloh 2019, the annual prophetic gathering of the Winners’ assembly worldwide held from December 3rd-8th 2019. It was themed, Breaking Limits and it doubled as the Shiloh of Release, being the 21st Shiloh. From Deuteronomy 15:114, God makes it clear that He has ordained a release for you at the end of every seven years.

The President of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David O. Oyedepo started off the teaching sessions on the subject of faith; a tool he describes as paramount to anyone who desires to be launched into a limitless zone. In this opening session, he emphasizes on redemption-rooted faith. He says faith will never deliver, except in the hands of a born again child of God. He further warns the congregation to beware of appropriated salvation, that is, salvation conferred on you by virtue of people around you or your environment. In addition, he cautions against the prevalent ‘gospel’ that abuses the grace of God, saying, once saved is not always saved.

He concludes this session by highlighting the proofs of salvation and a deluge of prophetic blessings, some of which are listed below:

  • By this release Shiloh, the end has come to your struggles
  • Every impossible situation, gives way now
  • Whatever used to refuse you will begin to answer to you
  • Whatever makes anyone ask you where is your God, is turned to a testimony. From today, no one will ask you again, “where is your God?”
  • As for the forces of wickedness pursuing after you, you will see them no more again forever. You are crossing that ‘red sea’ and your enemies must drown there.
  • God is re-arranging every bizarre issue of your life
  • Every death sentence over anyone’s life is reverted
  • Whatever has been dubbed ‘impossible’ in your life is turned to a testimony in the name of Jesus

I’m sure you can’t wait to get a hold of all the sessions beginning with this. It’s all available on Domi media.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas and a most blessed 2020!

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