Hello Beloved of the Lord,

The ‘love’ season is upon us. We do hope that this post lets you in on the realest kind of love there is. This one is unique in itself as it is the only one of its kind that exists. It is unarguably the purest, most tangible, most palpable manner of love that anyone could ever experience-it’s the love of God. The Bible lets us know that God loved us even before we knew ourselves. What manner of love is that?

Take me Back reminds us of the pure, unadulterated love of God which stays longing for us even when we stray away from the path of righteousness.

Have you at any point felt God was far from you? Well, I have. But guess what? It’s never on God, it’s always on us. We let the devil lie to us that our actions/ inactions have caused God to keep His distance. While it’s true that the Holy Spirit desires that we live holy and acceptable lives, He doesn’t love us any less when we find ourselves in sin. He remains your first love and He’s excited to have you back regardless. The chorus of this song says:

Cause when the storm’s out on the ocean
And the violent wind get’s to blowing
Oh, take me back, back
All the way back (Come on, sing it out)
Oh, take me back (Back), back (Back)
All the way back
Oh, take me back, back (Take me back, yeah)
All the way back
Oh, take me back to my first love

So if you ever felt God was far away, I’m glad you now know it’s on you to return because God is willing and excited to give you a fresh start but it takes you coming back to your first love; that’s the beginning.

Take Me Back was released in October 2019. There’s nothing not to love about this song; trust me. Check out the lyrics here.