Hello God’s Pride,

How’s your weekend coming along?

Guess what’s on our slate today…it’s the overcomer’s series🎈🎈 Did you think we were done already? No way, we only had to accommodate a couple of showcase sessions to keep you in the loop of upcoming events.

Today’s session features the testimony of one who overcame drug addiction by the help of God. The power of God snatched him off the devil’s hold and he’s in turn causing havoc to the devil’s camp.

See excerpts of our chat below:

1nebody: Hello sir, thank you for being willing to share your overcomers testimony. It would be nice to have you tell us about yourself.

POJ: My name is Paul Onomza Jacobs. I’ve got a twin brother, Peter and a younger sister. I guess that makes me the second child 🙂 We were born a number of years ago to Mr & Mrs Jacobs Abbah Mamman in Niger State, Nigeria.

1nebody: (Laughs) Well, that should make you the second child; but what was growing up like- especially spiritually?

POJ: I grew up in a Christian home. Most of my childhood memories are filled with church programs and activities. My parents ensured we had a firm spiritual foundation and I totally enjoyed the experience. Especially when I realized it was an environment I thrived in. We had Bible study sessions as a family, I had my Book of Bible stories and there was quite a lot of Christian journals from my father’s library which made me curious to know about God.

1nebody: That was quite a childhood experience. At what point then did drugs get into the picture?

POJ: As I got older, I saw my dad less in the house, so my mum basically had to play both roles and as much as she tried her best, there was a void that needed to be filled. I’ll forever give my mum credit for her impact in my life.

However, she travelled to the United Kingdom to work in order to give us a better life. We had to live with my grandmother, who could not exactly have her eyes on me all the time. That was when I became more adventurous. I wasn’t indulging as yet but my association had changed. I was only in JSS 3 (third year in high school), but most of my circle were already doing drugs.

Remember I still wasn’t indulging right? But I knew everything I needed to know about drugs-I knew how to get it, where to get I, and so on. It was in my second year in University that I started smoking, I had taken some alcohol at some parties in my first year. Just because I wanted to fit in and be seen as one of the ‘cool’ guys. Oh, and I was known in school as a musician. That heightened the pressure to act the part of a ‘cool’ bad boy.

1nebody: Did you at any point feel you were missing it somewhere or it no longer mattered?

POJ: To be honest it didn’t feel wrong because I felt I had moderation and I wasn’t really addicted to it I could stop whenever I wanted. Then came the pressure of school and the frustration of Nigerian lecturers- drugs and alcohol became my ‘solution’ to whatever challenge I was faced with.

… to be continued