Dear Light,

In Matthew 5:14, the word of God addresses you as the light of the world; that’s definitely something to ruminate over.

Did you know it’s possible to know about God forever and yet never experience Him? This is a sad, yet true reality. Some realize after so long that what their salvation had been appropriated all along- they assumed they were believers because they were born in church, their parents are Pastors/Missionaries/ Evangelists. They might even know so much about Bible history, but anyone who hasn’t Jesus as Lord and personal Savior is only operating appropriated Christianity.

A case in point is the Samaritan woman the Bible talks about in John 4. She knew about a certain Messiah whom they were expecting. She had heard of him, she even knew some schools of thought about worship; yet she struggled with adultery because she hadn’t experienced Christ.

When she spoke with Jesus at Jacob’s well, then she knew, this must be the One I have long heard about. After fellowshipping with Him that day, she knew without a shadow of doubt that this is the Anointed One. She immediately ran off and told everyone who cared to listen about her encounter. So, it’s impossible to truly experience God and stay quiet about it. It doesn’t matter what your past was like, the moment you experience Him, nothing else would matter.

Guess what follows, her co-samaritans whom she evangelized to also went off to find Jesus for themselves. They stayed with Him, listened to His teachings and even begged Him to stay with them for longer.

First, it was the Samaritan woman who experienced Christ, but after others went to Him by themselves, they also caught the light; they experienced Jesus for themselves and said to her, “We no longer believe just because of what you told us, but now we’ve heard him ourselves and are convinced that he really is the true savior of the world.” John 4:42 , The Passion Translation.

In sum, please do all you can to experience God for yourself. Knowing or hearing about Him is never enough. Remember you can’t truly experience God and not tell the world about Him. As you go on in this new week, I pray you an experience with Jesus and may several others come to know God by your experience; Amen!

God’s blessings always,