Dear Royalty,

My February has been extremely swift; feels only like yesterday that the year started right? Thank God for His faithfulness. Oh, you should check out 1Peter 2:9, it details your royalty status.

We’ve got a book review today, yaay! When you are told about how much an individual is a force in an area, you accord such person some level of respect, but this admiration multiplies exponentially when you have watched the person’s life (and ministry) in this regard. It is no longer news that the President of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo is an apostle of faith. Not only does he preach faith, his life and ministry is characterized by faith.

In this 112- paged book, the author expounds on the subject of faith in seven chapters. We’ll share a few lessons in this review.

First, the author points out that the undoing of many believers is their claim of ‘believing’ God, when in actual fact, God is waiting on them to take a step of faith. He emphasizes that real Bible faith isn’t a sit-around-do-nothing’ order (irresponsible); instead, it is action-based (partnering with God). In essence, Bible Faith requires one to take a step in the direction of what one is believing God for.

He also speaks on the spirit of faith, which is greater in potency than the word of faith or the gift of faith. This order of faith can only be acquired through an impartation from a higher vessel. He describes how he received the impartation of faith from the ministry of Kenneth Hagin; prosperity from the ministry of Kenneth Copeland; excellence in ministry from Pastor Enoch Adeboye, and so on. In effect, every area of his ministry is a reflection of the impartation of the spirit he received from a higher vessel in the same area. If you covet the spirit of faith at work in this vessel, you need not wait until you meet him in person. You can be imparted through this book.

As expected with Bishop Oyedepo’s books, there is a deluge of testimonies that address every possible area of challenge. Testimonies are a major way of building faith on any subject; they remind you that if God did it for the testifier, He can also come through for you. You’re probably familiar with the testimony of Faith Tabernacle- the headquarters of Living Faith Church Worldwide that seats 50,000 worshippers. The testimony of how it was built is also in this book. You must be longing to read this already, here’s where to find it.