Dear Oak of Righteousness (Isaiah 61:3),

Trust your week has been wonderful? It’s the first weekend in March.What a good God. May the faithfulness of God be your strong tower and defense all through the month and beyond in Jesus name.

The Mothers’ Summit vision was delivered to Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo in 2010. Since then, the visioner has been going across the globe leading millions of mothers (and mothers-to-be) in praying for every area of their lives; particularly, for their children and family.

Myriad of testimonies have been born through this platform-ranging from women rediscovering their purpose in life, to women who miraculously conceived by the impartation received at the Mothers’ summit meetings, to miracle marriages; just to name a few. It’s been phenomenal to say the least.

If you haven’t been a part of the Mothers’ Summit family before now, what better time to join in? Dear residents and near residents of Akure,  Lagos, London, Abeokuta, Atlanta, North Carolina, Houston,Ilorin, Toronto, Maryland,  Columbus, Calgary, Chicago, Abuja, Winnipeg, Scotland, Ghana, Ibadan..; the Mothers’ summit train would be in your cities to celebrate ten years of God’s faithfulness.

Stay tuned to Rev(Mrs) Adejumo’s page for details on date and location.

In the words of the visioner, “the Mothers’ summit was born out of a burden to help mothers achieve the best in their role of child rearing and to ensure that children who are the heritage of God are nurtured and nourished in the light of God’s word; so that they may be a blessing to their family and the nation at large…

From all of us at 1nebody, we rejoice with the Mothers’ Summit Family across the globe. God bless you ma!