Dear Living Sacrifice,

Trust the new month has been so far, so great. Apostle Paul in Romans 12:1 enjoins us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable, for this is the greatest act of worship.

This corroborates our last meditation. You see, there’s really no point getting involved in any other form of giving, if we haven’t first presented our bodies to the Lord.

It is against this scriptural truth that Dr Paul Enenche & family bless us with this heavenly download. It’s saying ‘God, I would want nothing to do with whatever isn’t your will for my life.’ Such a deep, heartfelt prayer but it takes only one who genuinely desires intimacy with God to tell Him:

Oh Lord take me to the place where I have no will that is separate from your will, Oh Lord take me to the place where I have no choice that is separate from your choice, to be lost in you is my desire, to be lost in you is all I want

Not gold, not silver, not fame; all I really want is having to live for you and being at the center of your will for my life.

If this is your prayer, please feel free to worship along with Pst Paul Enenche’s family through this song.

We pray greater grace for yourself and your family sir. God bless you!