Dear Believer,

That’s a question which requires that you introspect before responding. One good thing is, you can easily tell which category you belong. But much more important is that you can decide to switch from camp contained to camp contagious.

In this short read, the author draws lessons from the current pandemic of the corona virus. He asks, what if believers today were as contagious as the corona virus, such that when people come in contact with us, we easily rub off on them? He states that contrary to God’s expectations of us, we have become more contained than contagious.

He goes on to cite the examples of Jesus and the early church. They were so contagious that their lives drew others to God.

Are you interested in learning how to be contagious? Have a read here.

The author, Pastor Isaac Oyedepo is the Resident Pastor of Winners Chapel, Maryland, USA. He also has a couple of short books that will boost your faith in this season; they are available here.

How could I have almost missed wishing you a thoroughly blessed April 😆It will be a month full of victories for you and yours in Jesus name; Happy new April!!

Remain blessed and stay contagious ❤❤❤❤