Hello Child of God,

How’s the new month coming? It’s the resurrection season remember? We’ll be celebrating Easter in a week’s time. Thank God the devil didn’t succeed in having Jesus permanently locked down in the grave. Hallelujah! Because Jesus lives, we live also.

In November 2017, we had a chat with Myles Munroe Jnr. In case you missed it, it’s available here. We’re sharing excerpts from that chat which still reverberates, especially in this season when it looks like the world is falling apart.

1nebody: Was sustaining the legacy a choice or something you had to do after the death of your parents?

MMJ: I moved home in 2009 to work along with my dad. My goal was always to work with him and expand on everything he had been doing and things we were working on at the time and what we had planned to do in future. It was always my goal to sustain his legacy and our family’s legacy and move it forward. His passing only put things in quicker motion than I might have anticipated. But ultimately, that had been the plan since I made the decision to move home in 2009.

1NEBODY: What has been your experience so far?

MMJ: Well, it’s been challenging. As anyone could expect, losing both parents unexpectedly placed me in an uncomfortable position that I don’t think I was ready for. Everything that occurred at the time… but you know God is good and He understood what my sister and I would have been able to withstand and He prepared us for that exact moment. It’s not been easy and it’s still not easy. It’ll remain a learning process that we both have to go through but at the same time, we understand that we are only placed on this earth for a particular period. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. That is why we have to work on a daily basis, not wasting time. We should be focused on developing our gifts. I take it one day at a time. Some days are harder than others but each day is a step towards the ultimate goal of our family and organization which is transforming  followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.

We thought to encourage someone who’s going through a season of difficulty; be rest assured that God’s got you regardless.

Stay Winning🤗🤗