Dear Redeemed of the Lord,

Welcome to a new week. In Christian history, this week is referred to as the Passion Week; symbolizing the week that Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world.

At virtual church yesterday, I learnt something really significant and I am positive it would benefit you as well. My pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo stated that the reason many believers do not experience the dominion power of the word of God is because they have settled with just hearing for far too long.

The average believer is complacent about finding out from the Scriptures, the answer(s) to the challenge he/she is faced with; instead, they prefer to settle with hearing what someone else has to say. Even though that might have an effect, it is very substantial when compared to seeing what God says to you through His word. According to Bishop Oyedepo, “every truth you truly see puts you in command.” In addition, it’s not enough to barely see, one must see well because “what you see well you are permanently in command of.”

How vital is this revelation! Once you see well enough what God has ordained for you from His word, that’s the end of the devil manipulating your life in that area. Not just that, you are also able to get others to share the light of the revelation you have received for their own liberation.

I left yesterday’s service determined to take a dive into the word of God in order to catch a lasting revelation of what the word says about my life in every regard. This lock down season  presents us with the opportunity to get locked in the word. I believe you will also engage the word productively in this season.

Peradventure you want to listen to the message for yourself (which is very much encouraged), you can find it here.

God’s blessings always,