Hello Dearly Beloved,

Trust you are keeping well? It might not be the happiest of moments for many, but be assured that God’s got you and He’s working everything out for your good as He promises in Romans 8:28.

Today, we’re celebrating with Yahab Humanitarian Initiative on the occasion of their third year anniversary. God’s been using them to care for the needy and physically challenged in Nigeria’s capital city-F.C.T and its environs.
Interestingly, our first chat with the Y.H.I president was about this time last year, when they marked their second year anniversary. It’s available here, in case you missed it.

A lot has happened since our last chat; thankfully, the Y.H.I president, Mr Kehinde Oyinloye was available to fill us in.

1NEBODY: Congratulations to you and the Y.H.I team Mr Oyinloye. Doing this for three years is no mean feat. What’s been the drive to keep pushing and touching lives?

Y.H.I: Thank you so much for having me (us) again. Since I am speaking on behalf of the team. It’s been the grace of God truthfully. Our first outreach was to Hope For Survival Orphanage Home, Gishiri Village, Abuja, on 27th May 2017. I didn’t realize how much of a turning point it would be for me afterwards. I learnt so many lessons that day. First, all God needs is your obedience and a step of faith. He will definitely back you up. Second, you must be genuine in endeavours. Authenticity has been one of our driving vehicles in the past three years. I had a humbling experience prior to this visit. We made a pre-visit to the orphanage home in order to make enquiries and the chaplain said the Holy Spirit had instructed him to listen to me because I am genuine.

1NEBODY: Wow, what was your reaction?

Y.H.I : I was full of gratitude to God, for giving me a genuine heart. I can only attribute this to God. I also got to realize how privileged God has made me. I mean, I could have been dumped in an orphanage home growing up as well. As I interacted with the children, I saw God in them. And I made up my mind to always say ‘yes’ to opportunities to help others whenever I have the opportunity.

1NEBODY: You mentioned a key word there-privilege. It would be great if we all began to see acts of service to others as a privilege. So, how many other outreaches has the team had till date?

Y.H.I : We’ve had nine all together. We’ve visited the Nigerian correctional facilities in Kuje and Suleja (formerly known as Nigerian Prisons); Karamajiji disabled colony; F.C.T School Of The Blind; F.C.T School For Children With Special Needs; Back To School Project; Medical Outreach To Ruga Village. We were also able to renew the back to school project for ten indigent children in the FCT.

1NEBODY: This is amazing news, all glory to God. Are there particular testimonies you would like to share from the beneficiaries?

Y.H.I: We’ve recorded tons of them. Especially from the parents of the indigent children, whom we sent back to school. Many of them were unable to send their children to school and God is using us to lift that burden off them. They are always praying for us, attempting to sing our praises; but we are deliberate about pointing them to God. After all, He gave the vision and He has been our source. Our last visit to Ruga Village was another time of quality testimonies. We met the king, who was so impressed with God is doing through us. He literally expressed his surprise at seeing a group of youths reaching out to others from their ‘little’ resources.

1NEBODY: It’s not common sight really. God bless your team. What are the plans going forward?

Y.H.I: Amen. One of our immediate next steps is the COVID-19 food drive which would take place at Ruga village, on 26th April, in commemoration of our third year anniversary. For long term, we look forward to impacting the 36 states in Nigeria. Most of our outreaches have been located in the FCT, we trust God to reach out to other states within the next three years, because there are so many lives languishing in poverty.

1NEBODY: Amen and amen; we join our faith with yours. As you conclude, what would you like to say to that person who has received a vision from God,but is yet to take a step in obedience.

Y.H.I: I’m not going to say it’s the easiest thing to do. Obeying God requires grace. Ask for that grace and step out in faith. It’s never fully clear from the onset. It gets clearer as you progress.One reason you have to get moving is that the labourers are few like the Bible clearly states. There are millions of people who need to be shown what the love of God is.

1NEBODY: Wooow! You’ve heard it guys. It’s time to step out in faith. It might not be in the same context, but God is waiting on us. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you as always Mr Oyinloye. God bless you and the entire Y.H.I team.

Y.H.I: God bless you too, thank you for having me.