Hello Dear One,

How’s your week been? We bring you cheering news in the midst of the global uncertainties we’re faced with, and that is, God hasn’t forgotten us.

It’s no rhetoric, He really hasn’t forgotten us. I bet someone may be wondering why God allowed the corona virus pandemic into the world in the first place, while we don’t have answers to that, one thing we know is that this situation is ultimately for the glory of God. Also, God is still very mindful of us. The devil may attempt to colour our thoughts and make us believe a good God won’t watch this happen to mankind, but we choose to believe the report of the Lord. He has plans to prosper us regardless of the happenings.
In the words of the song writer:

Your plans are still to prosper,
You have not forgotten us
You’re with us in the fire and the flood,
You’re faithful forever, perfect in love
You are sovereign over us

We might not be able to explain how He does it, but God does specialize in turning situations around. Yes, that applies to the bad situations too-He works right through them and ultimately turns them around for our good. This also applies to those that seem to have the devil’s signature all over them:

Even what the enemy meant for evil,
You turn it for my good and for your glory
Even in the valley, you are faithful
You are working for our good and for your glory

What an assurance! God abides faithful, even in our valley-moments. This song ministers hope to the world collectively. On an individual basis, it reminds you that is reading this right now that God remains mindful of you. You are probably wondering- but how long more God? But guess what, He knows just how much you can bear when you don’t imagine yourself able to. In the midst of that trial, God is teaching you to learn to trust Him because He is faithful forever and perfect in love.

Recommended listen? Uncountable times yes and many thanks to Michael W Smith for making available to us such a highly-spirited song. God bless you sir! We pray you greater grace in Jesus name.