Hello Excellent One,

It’s wonderful to have you here again. Trust you had a nice working week (whether remotely or otherwise)?
One area that has experienced a major ‘disruption’ in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is the career sphere. There have been major changes to what we always knew as normal and really, this is only the beginning.
Sadly, a number of people have lost their jobs. While we pray God to restore all those concerned, it is imperative to know that God desires that we prosper in all that we do, our careers inclusive.

Speaking to this topic is a daughter of Zion, being helped of God in her career. Please come along, don’t forget your pens and writing pads.

1NEBODY: It’s such a pleasure to have you speak with us once again. A quick digression, our guest has previously shared with us how she overcame the fear of barrenness by the help of God, it’s available here, if you haven’t read it.
Welcome again, please can you do a brief introduction of yourself?

WA: Thank you for having me again, it’s always a pleasure to share. My name is Wunmi Adelusi, a believer in the marketplace. By training, I am chartered accountant with a Bachelor’s from Covenant University and Master’s degree (Distinction) in Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Likewise, I have an MBA. I am happily married with two amazing boys.

1NEBODY: Wow, that’s an impressive profile there. Could we back up to how you started out?

WA: Outside of NYSC and part-time jobs, I started full-time employment in May 2015 as a Business Development Manager of a private accounting firm in Abuja, Nigeria. There I did a lot of accounting, auditing and business development. I moved on from there to my current job, where I work as a regulator in the financial services industry.

1NEBODY: What would you say is the secret to your constant push in your career?

WA: My push would be the fact that I see my job as a calling with my purpose embedded in it. It is beyond a mere job to me, I handle it as an assignment. With this perspective, I render my duties as unto the Lord, and not man. I have come to realize that in whatever role I am assigned, there are lives to be touched, memories to be made, and I am privileged to live out my calling through what I do.

1NEBODY: That’s such a positive perspective, in fact one every believer in the marketplace should possess. Going on to our next question, what we see in the marketplace is quite pitiful. On the average, it looks like unbelievers are calling the shots while believers take an observatory stance. Is it possible to excel on one’s job as a believer? Has God made this provision available?

WA: Absolutely! That is why we are there – to shine. We carry the DNA of our Father and in there, is excellence. Look at all He created, beautiful right? You know, the story of Joseph in the Bible remains one of my anchors in the workplace. As a domestic staff in Potiphar’s household, he excelled. In the prison, he excelled and as a Prime Minister, he also excelled. So, we have no reason to perform less, mind you he operated without the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now, we have the gift of the Holy Spirit as believers; He remains the believer’s advantage even in the workplace. I think many people limit His functions. Truth is, with him, you’ll find yourself saying the right words, having the right attitude, being emotionally intelligent, being at the right place at the right time…you name it.

1NEBODY: This is so true. We do have the Holy Spirit whom Joseph didn’t have, yet he excelled. Why do you think many believers live outside this reality?

WA: A lot of us are like the servant that buried his talent in Matthew 25:14-30. We’re always complaining that what we have is too small. Whereas, we have done nothing with the gifts (in this context skillset) God has given us. There is no one created without gifts, and only those who use their gifts with gratitude can have more added unto them.

1NEBODY: This is getting really interesting. We’ve established that God wills for us to prosper in our careers and He’s blessed everyone of us with gifts to help us fulfil this, but does this also mean believers won’t have to do anything to make it happen?

WA: Oh no! Faith without works is dead, the Bible is clear on that. Faith is by works. As a believer at the workplace, you should be the one looking out on how best to improve your company’s output. That is putting in the work while trusting the Holy Spirit to lead you to the right resource materials. You need to put in the work. Work extra hours till that report is submitted. Invest in building and improving your competence to help you deliver better at work.

1NEBODY: Interestingly, you already started answering the next question.You have mentioned improving one’s level of competence, what other practical steps can one take to excel?
WA: I guess it’s become natural to identify solutions, once the problems have been stated (laughs) I’ll continue with the following:
a. Develop yourself. Continue to take courses because learning never ends.
b. Don’t be mediocre in your thinking. If there’s a mandatory course you must take at work, do so and aim to come the best.
c. Be mindful of your utterance. Don’t be that person that speaks doom of your employer/colleagues or yourself.
d. Be self-aware and emotionally intelligent. Keep things as work and at work.
e. Keep yourself abreast with recent developments in your industry by reading a lot.
f. Don’t be afraid to let people know your values. No, you don’t gossip; you don’t lie; you don’t falsify records…but you must own your achievements!
g. Be a good communicator. If you are not one, then learn. Let people know the value you bring to the table. Don’t work hoping that someday a boss will notice you, speak up.
h. Show empathy. Genuinely care about those you work with.
i. Be focused. Your career (calling or purpose) will always be bigger than a job. When it’s time to leave, do so gracefully. Avoid burning bridges whether with your employer or superiors or colleagues.

1NEBODY: Feels like you should keep going (laughs). This has been such an enlightening session. God does want us to excel, but success doesn’t drop on our laps, we must do our bit by being diligent and striving for excellence. As we round up, is there any other bit you would like to share?

WA: Yes please, it’s more of a reminder though. You are God’s ambassador here on earth- remember that all you do is a demonstration of the Father and should be done as unto the Lord.
Thank you so much for having me, I trust God that your audience will pick one or more points from what I’ve shared.

1NEBODY: That’s the intention really- that God would use this platform to remind His children that He’s an excellent God and He’s also placed the excellence DNA in us, such that in whatever sphere we find ourselves, we represent the excellency of our King. God bless you again Mrs Adelusi.