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How are you today? Your family? Work/business? The hand of God will continually rest on all that pertains to you in Jesus name.

Have you had a chance to catch up with our review of The Train? Please do so if you haven’t, there are too many lessons in it for you. Following on that review, we bring to you a chat we previously had with the Writer and Producer of the The Train, Mr Damilola Mike-Bamiloye (DMB). This happened in September 2017, but having watched and reviewed the train, the Holy Spirit prompted bringing this up today.

See excerpts below:

1nebody: Who is Mr Damilola?
DMB: I am a gospel film maker, script writer and producer. I have produced a number of movies with the most recent being Stalker. Although, I did not study anything related to film making.

1nebody: You didn’t? How then did you get into film making?
DMB: It started as a passion but as I grew older, it became more defined as a calling.I have always loved what my parents do i.e film shooting, drama, script writing and all. That really was my first attraction and eventually,I got attached to it. I later realized it was more than a passion, it was a CALLING. I’ll share this testimony. Remember that I did not even go to film school. Truth is the Holy Spirit taught me through different means. Some years ago, I was with my dad in Australia and the people there had a camera man they had banked on to film for them. Unfortunately,the man could not handle the camera well, so I took the camera and went on a personal study . I remember I kept praying, “Holy Spirit teach me” and that was how I started. My first movie was not too good but that was the last time that happened. It’s been getting better since then.

1nebody: What an amazing testimony! How were you able to put your calling into perspective?
DMB: My parents helped a lot to put things in proper perspective. My mum always made my siblings and I realize that God has given us gifts and He plans to use us for specific purposes.

1nebody: Did you find yourself struggling with your calling at any point?
DMB: Not really, because to be honest we had a very strong foundation of God’s word that sharpened our vision when we were kids. Plus we had and still have Godly parents to look up to.We have always admired their passion for God’s work. However, when I was about 13 years old, negative influences set in. I moved with the wrong people which caused me to discard the gift and the ministry. Again, thank God for Godly parents.God used them to put me back on track.

1nebody: Wow.God bless them. What then is your ultimate vision as a film maker?
DMB: The vision for me is to keep creating positive alternatives to the many negative movies that constantly come out from Nollywood and Hollywood. That’s why we ‘throw’ our movies to YouTube free of charge.

1nebody: Do you mean your movies are not for profit?
DMB: No they are not and the reason is simple. The world needs to see the light of Christ. Remember the aim is to have Godly alternatives to what is already available.

1nebody: Wow!!! That’s phenomenal. Thank you so much for your time, God bless you and the entire Mount Zion ministry.
DMB: Amen, thank you and God bless you too.