The Train is based on a true life story of Evangelist Mike Abayomi Bamiloye, a drama minister and visioner of Mount Zion productions.
Most part of the movie is rendered in Yoruba language, and subtitled in English. There are too many reasons you should watch this movie, I’ll share a few :

God is a God of purpose– He is super intentional; no bit misses him. Who would have thought God would use Abayomi. His mother died when he was only four, he had to live with quite of number of relatives and this exposed him to vices like stealing, fighting, lying, and so on. Yet, God had set him apart. His attempt at running from God, didn’t make God change His mind 😀What a wonderful God! We’re too limited to know what God can make of a person’s life. We shouldn’t write anyone off, this applies to your children too. Their current behavioural tendencies may be far from what you prayed for, but keep exposing them to the word of God and let their maker (God) make them.
God deals with us on an individual basis:
Imagine if Bro Mike got demotivated because those with whom he shared his vision didn’t believe in it. Some of these people were spiritual leaders in their own rights, yet they attempted to dissuade him from what God had asked him to do. We may experience a backlash from people who are spiritual leaders or close family members, but this is because God didn’t give a collective vision. He delivers to individuals, and the same persons will be answerable to Him, not anyone else.
When God sends, He provides:
No one imagined Bro Mike would be able to cater for his wife, let alone sustain a family? But God who called him into ministry in 1985 has been faithful till date.
A Godly spouse is invaluable:
Watching Sis Gloria constantly pushing Bro Mike and challenging him to believe God makes one realize the blessing that a Godly spouse brings. When God instructed Bro Mike to go into full-time ministry, the instruction didn’t seem to make sense to any other member of the team, but she reminded him that she was with him even if no one else came back. That’s a blessing! It’s also a reminder that serving God brings us into blessings far beyond our imagination. God blessed Bro Mike with a godly spouse, blessed them with godly children, blessed their children with godly spouses, and the blessings keep multiplying. Isn’t that what the Bible says about a blessed man in Psalm 112his seed shall be blessed after him and the generation of the upright will be blessed?

Evidently, Evangelist Mike Abayomi Bamiloye is an example of a man blessed by God. Watching the Train has spurred my faith, it will do the same to you. You can watch it here, it’s free!