Hello Fam,

We’re calling out to the real men today; gather around people, God has something special for you 🙂🙂

Taking a cue from Abraham, he was such a good father that even God boasted about his fatherhood ability. Genesis 18:18-19 states, “Abraham will surely become a great and powerful nation, and through him all the nations of the earth will be blessed. For I have chosen him, so that he will command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just, in order that the LORD may bring upon Abraham what He has promised.”

So unlike popular culture posits, God does have a need for Godly men who will command their children in the way of the Lord.
Having a chat with us today is the visioner of Real Men Talk (RMT), Mrs Bologi Stephen (BS). She’ll be telling us more about RMT, but something you should know is, it’s a platform for equipping men to live out their best lives, as God has ordained. Please come with us as she tells us more …

1nebody: Thank you for joining us Mrs Bologi. Could you talk us through the vision behind RMT and when it officially began?

BS: RMT is a faith-based network of men who are intentional about being all that God has ordained the man to be. The vision behind it is to bring together intentional men into a space to grow into all God would have them be through open communication, networking and accountability. The first edition of RMT was in December 2016.

1nebody: The word ‘intentional’ keeps coming through, which is exciting in itself but why the men? We’re almost used to seeing most of such platforms targeted at women?

BS: It’s simple; the men are the burden God gave me. Yes, a lot of platforms are aimed at the women and (maybe) rightfully so, however, the men need platforms too. The man has so much responsibility on him as a leader in the home; with responsibility should come equipping. Most times, women are prepared for marriage (as well as other things), however, we must not forget that these women will marry men who should also be prepared.
More so, it is for the man because through RMT, men are able to open up with each other about things and questions they would have ordinarily kept to themselves; and through this openness, there is growth, accountability and connection with like-minded men with whom they can do life.

1nebody: Your passion for this vision is very palpable and it is a huge vision too. Did you hit the ground running as soon as God delivered this vision to you?

BS: Hit the ground running? Not at all. I struggled and felt very disqualified. Here I was, a young lady in her early twenties and unmarried at the time, and here was God asking me to gather men. How? But as the burden became stronger, I reached out to a friend’s dad and spoke with him about it. As we spoke, I remember one thing in particular he said to me that gave me the push I needed. He said “Bologi, if you don’t obey God, He will give this burden to someone else who will do it“. That convicted me and I began planning the first edition which was in December 2016 and had about 30 men. RMT is a free event that involves a lot of cost. The hall, logistics, honour for our speakers and good food cost a lot. So, cost always begins as a challenge but in all honesty, God comes through.

1nebody: That’s such a beautiful testimony and a reminder as well that God will always sponsor His program. Now, speaking about the RMT persona, what kind of man is he? Does he belong to a particular age bracket or social strata?

BS: RMT is for the man. Old, young, single, married, professional, entrepreneur, you name it. The invitation is simply open to the man who wants to be all he is called to be. From our sessions so far, the age demographic has been between 24 and 45.

1nebody: How often do RMT sessions hold and how can people become part of it?

BS: RMT is an annual conference. It has held every year since 2016 and we are believing God that RMT 005 for this year will hold as well, most likely in the second half of the year. All a man needs to do is register. RMT is free! Jesus paid it all (laughs). However, once the program details are out, we require registration to help us with planning and organization.

1nebody: Still on the RMT sessions, could you speak to the impact of the sessions on the lives of the participants, and what informs the selection of speakers?

BS: Our speakers are chosen with careful and prayerful considerations given to the areas of focus for each edition. So far, we have covered areas of fatherhood, relationship and marriage, business, ministry, balancing your roles in life, mentorship etc. As such, our speakers are persons who are reputable in the areas to be discussed. We have had seasoned speakers like Jimi Tewe, Ocholi Okutepa, Olutomi Aman, Theodora Ayeni; to mention a few.
We have had four sessions so far, and they’ve been nothing short of impactful. God literally dazed us all, organizers and participants alike. Here are some testimonials…

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