Welcome to the concluding episode of the Real Men Series. Please read the first part here, if you missed it.

1nebody: Yes, Mrs Bologi, you were about highlighting some of the testimonials from previous editions.

BS: Thank you. I’ll read out a few:

I attended two sessions of Real Men Talk and I must say that it was a huge blessing. The mere thought of having to meet fellow men and talking about what concerns us was what attracted me. Beyond that, lessons from those meetings inspired me to be a better man and husband. And I can boldly say my personality has never been the same. Thanks to the convener for this wonderful and timely idea.
Yamai Cornelius Ayuba

At RMT, I always enjoy the food ! I love the fact that it is all men because that encourages openness. The speakers have also been amazing.
I learnt from RMT to define my relationships especially with ladies. I came to understand that as the priest of my home, I would need to constantly wash my lady with the word (Scriptures and also what I say to her). We always have time for interaction and networking with guys even outside Abuja.

RMT is always a refreshing moment.
Leke Balogun

RMT enlightened me to the deeper biblical roles and responsibilities of the man in the home. Again, to more aspects of the term love and how it can be applied for a successful marriage and family.
Yashim Ibrahim

I’m bold to say that RMT is one of the major platforms that inspired and influenced the outburst of my gifting as a Relationship Strategist and by the grace of God, I have influenced hundreds of people on Mentorship Empire Int’l, all thanks to RMT. The Convener, Bologi Stephen’s ability to listen to the Spirit of God has brought about seasoned men speaking on RMT platform. I listened to Jimi Tewe speak in the 2019 edition and my excitement skyrocketed. RMT is the only event I always look forward to attending every year, no matter where I am in the country or outside the borders of Nigeria. I have travelled from Kaduna where I am based, for the last three editions of RMT that held in Abuja and I have no regrets.
Amos Emmanuel

My most memorable session of RMT was that of Jimi Tewe. He pulled everyone to the edge of their seats with his teaching on the Business life of the Man. By sharing his personal life stories, he helped bring home the importance of building a healthy career and business associates as this will directly impact my growth.
P.J Stephen

1nebody: Wow, these are huge testimonies. Thank God for the RMT platform and thank God for you, whom God enabled to respond to the call. Is there any other bit of information you’d like us to know about RMT?

BS: The men are very important to the society; they are the heads of the family unit and the society is made up of several family units. As such, the men can really not afford to get it wrong. God holds the man to a high responsibility and has also provided equipping for him; however, the man simply needs to find these sources of equipping. By God’s grace, RMT is one of such sources. We also believe so much in the right network and accountability as a means of growth. As such, RMT has birthed so many relationships among the men, first as accountability partners and then as brothers, sharing and doing life together.

1nebody: Thank you for emphasizing the role of the man, as ordained by God. You know the church and the entire world would be better for it , when more men take up their God-ordained roles. You have told us a lot about RMT, how can we follow through and ensure we don’t miss updates.

BS: My personal instagram handle @bologi.stephen and @_realmentalk carry updates on our activities.

1nebody: Please do well to follow these handles for updates. As we bring this to a close, could you liken RMT’s activities to a body part? That is, recognizing that we are all members of the body of Christ, what part would you liken RMT’s activities to?

BS: I would liken RMT to the feet, because RMT takes the men to the places they need to be enriched, nourished and become all that they are called to be.

1nebody: That sums it up nicely, thank you so much for speaking with us.And please don’t stop doing this. God bless you!

BS: Amen, God bless you too! Thank you for having me.