I heard this message preached for the first time when I was at a weary point in my life. I had believed God to come through in a particular area, but it looked like the longer I waited, the farther my answer seemed.

When I heard this title, it jumped at me. I was stunned at the fact that God cares so much about me that He sends me what I need to hear per time.

As my Pastor went on, he made a striking statement, “Testimony delayed is not testimony denied.” Among the several scriptures we read that day was 2Kings 5:1-15; which details the encounter of Naaman, the Syrian leper. Naaman was the captain of the host of Syria. In spite of his significant position, he had a situation- he was a leper.

One of his servants told her mistress (Naaman’s wife) about one of the prophets in her home town, who was able to deliver him from his affliction. Long story short, Naaman made arrangements to meet Prophet Elisha who instructed him to go and wash in Jordan seven times.

The Bible records he was angry because he assumed the Prophet would heal him through another means. The same servant girl encouraged him to obey and he did. He washed in Jordan seven times and had his flesh restored. If he had washed six times, he would have returned as leprous as he before, or probably worse.

There are too many lessons for us here:

  • We should never be afraid to tell others about the greatness of our God. Imagine if the servant girl refused to speak for fear of being labelled.
  • God may not come through the way we presume, but He always will.
  • Until our obedience is complete, our miracles remain far-fetched.
  • Consistency is the rule of the game, until our obedience is complete, it cannot be rewarded.

Today, I can boldly testify that God came through for me. It didn’t happen when or how I thought He would, but His timing was beyond perfect. Like that servant girl, I am pointing you to the greatness of God.

Dear One, don’t give up. Your testimony is on the way. God is ready to help you and give you your long-awaited testimony, but would you trust Him through the process?

God’s blessings always,