Dear Amazing Reader,

Trust you are doing great? We’ve got a message review on our slate today; a timely reminder that we serve a God in whom nothing is impossible. The highlight of this message is how God turned a seemingly impossible situation to a testimony for Jerry Savelle’s family.

While Terry, his daughter was a few months old. She was crawling in a nursery when she accidentally placed her fingers under a rocker and two of her fingers got chopped off. Meanwhile this happened at a Kenneth Copeland conference, where they were being taught about faith.

I imagine that was the enemy’s attempt at interfering with the seed of God’s word being planted in their hearts, but they chose to put to work what they had come to know about faith. They refused to cower even when the specialist told them Terry’s fingers would never grow again, and they weren’t afraid to let him know that God was up to it. Did God show up or not? I suggest you listen to this message to find out how God came through for the Savelle’s.

What’s that negative situation you’re faced with? Is the devil trying to let you know God isn’t up to it? Haahaa, how about you let him know, “it looks like a job for El Shaddai.”

This message is a great faith booster, and a chapter from Jerry Savelle’s book, ‘Called to Battle, Destined to Win.’ A great resource for staying on the winning side of life, as God has ordained for you.

Stay blessed!