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Did you know God is many-sided; and that He manifests to us only in areas that we desire His manifestation? In our last review, we got introduced to Him as El Shaddai ; the God in whom nothing is impossible. Please have a read here, if you missed it.

Today, we’re getting introduced (or reminded) about God’s faithfulness.  He is so dependable that He never leaves us halfway. He is never failing, never changing, faithful to the end…

A part of the song states:

You’re too faithful to fail me,

You’re too faithful to disappoint me,

You have proven yourself in my life,

And I’ve come to realize that you’re faithful to fail me.

Even in the natural, an individual who is spoken about in high esteem does all he/she can to ensure their promises are kept. They might mean well, but eventually get constrained by circumstances beyond their control.

Thankfully, that’s not God. He cannot be limited by circumstances.What He starts, He always finishes and what’s more He stays faithful to the end.

You know God says to plead our cause in Isaiah 41:21, this is one of such songs I personally use when I’m letting God know, I’ve thrust myself into your arms, you cannot fail me; not now, not ever.

This wonderful song was released by Moses Bliss in October 2019. It’s undoubtedly a song for such a time as this.

God bless you servant of God, we pray you greater grace in Jesus name.