Hello Dear One,

How’s your week coming along? Can you believe we’re almost midway through August. Wow, Thank God for His mercies!

It’s another Review Thursday, and it’s a movie review today 💃💃

This movie has a deep message for everyone, especially believers in the waiting room. By waiting room, I mean, those believing God for one thing or another.

The major characters here are a Christian couple- Brother Edward and Sister Evelyn, who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb. They had stayed committed and faithful for most part until Sister Evelyn began to consider alternatives, having waited close to ten years.

Interestingly, this alternative was a renowned prophetess, who was introduced to them by one of their church members. It took someone genuinely filled with the Spirit of God to know she was operating by a familiar spirit because she quoted scriptures so well. Long story short, Sister Evelyn decided to disregard her husband’s instructions and get help from the prophetess in order to end her long wait, little did she know that was the beginning of her woes.

 Yes, the child came. But it was from one spiritual battle to another, until the child eventually died. Unlike God’s blessings which has no sorrows attached, when the devil attempts to give, it is laced with sorrows.

By the mercies of God, Sis Evelyn was visited and she conceived again a few months after the loss of her first child.

This brings us to the major theme of this movie- God is never late. The wait may be long, painful and characterized by mockery. But, when you’re faced with the temptation to give up, it is an indication that your testimony is just around the corner. Be patient enough to let God come through, so that your joy will be full.

Thanks to Mount Zion movies and Flaming Sword Ministries International, this movie is available to watch here free of charge. There’s also a second part, which was released in March 2020.

It’s certainly a must watch.

God bless you!