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For as long as possible, the media has clouded our thoughts with fairy tale imaginations about marriages, and more worrisome is the idea they keep promoting that one can simply walk away in the face of challenges. If you’re married or at least have those who are around you, you’ll agree that marital unions are not half about the butterflies.

In this mini series by Laju Iren films, we’re taught about God’s principles for marital success. All three episodes are about an hour, yet the lessons can last you a lifetime; not just in your marital union,the principles shared are equally applicable in all other areas of life.

Another exciting thing about this production is that it’s a major addition to Gospel and wholesome media content, which we absolutely love. It’s really hilarious too.

Personally, I’ve watched all three episodes and I’m beyond convinced that it’ll bless you like it blessed me. You really should watch it too, and perhaps you could do so with your friends, families or colleagues.

Cheers to wholesome content!