Woooooowwwee, it’s our third year anniversary 🎶🎶💃👯‍♂️ It was actually yesterday, 11th September but heyy, we’re allowed to celebrate all month long and so we shall 😉

All we’re doing today is recounting God’s faithfulness to us through these three years:

We’re grateful to God for His grace and zeal to carry on this assignment.

We’re thankful to God for always sending His word through our weekly meditations.

We’re thankful to God for reserving for Himself vessels, who still bless the world with Godly and wholesome content- songs, messages, books, movies, shows, etc; these in turn provide us with content to review on a weekly basis.

We’re grateful to God for individuals, groups, organizations that reveal Jesus through their outputs. Some even take it a step further by accepting to speak with us for our showcase sessions.

We’re grateful to God for those who have been vulnerable with us in sharing their testimonies, in order to encourage others.

We’re thankful for our amazing guest review family who gleefully share beautiful discoveries with us.

We’re thankful to God for our book club and its members, having people so intentional about their growth is pure joy.

We’re thankful to God for you! For always stopping by to read our posts, we do not take it for granted.

**This wouldn’t be complete without thanking God for the angels He’s sent our way in form of crew members.

We pray for everyone of you that as you continually reveal Jesus, He’ll keep you holy and an attraction to your world in Jesus name. Your zeal for God will not burn out and at the end of your journey, may you hear well done!

We loveeee you deeply, God bless you 🕊