Hello Amazing Reader,

Welcome to the last week of October; your week of speedy fulfilment of prophecies. It doesn’t matter what your situation is,  rest assured God still specializes in ‘suddenlies’ and ‘immediatelies’ and He’ll surely come through  for you in Jesus name.

Isaiah 36 & 37 detail the account of the King of Assyria, Sennacherib, who sent the commander of his Army to King Hezekiah of Jerusalem, informing him that Jerusalem would be destroyed. He emphatically stated that they shouldn’t bother trusting God for their deliverance. Verse 15 of Chapter 36 states, “Do not let Hezekiah persuade you to trust in the Lord when he says, ‘The Lord will surely deliver us; this city will not be given into the hand of the King of Assyria.”

Naturally, the people of Jerusalem were fearful, as they thought the end had come. They tore their clothes and put on sack clothes.  Going by the records, the King of Assyria had truly never lost a battle, he had completely destroyed other nations.

Not knowing where else to seek help, Hezekiah immediately reached out to Prophet Isaiah to inform him about the situation. The prophet sent back word to Hezekiah in verse 6, “…Do not be afraid of what you have heard- those words with which the underlings of the king of Assyria blasphemed me.” In addition they were to completely ignore the threats of Sennacherib because they were baseless. Verse 33:He will not enter this city or shoot an arrow here. He will not come before it with shield or build a siege ramp against it. By the way that he came he will return; he will not enter this city,” declares the Lord. I will defend this city and save it, for my sake and for the sake of David my servant!

And guess what, God’s word prevailed over Sennacherib’s loud and boastful threat, as he was killed by one of his sons in his own kingdom.

What’s the threat message you have received from “Sennacherib” blaspheming the God you serve? Are you worried you might not get through the situation, going by those it has destroyed in the past?

Dear One, God is letting you know that Sennacherib will not overcome you, instead God will defend you for His name sake and the sake of His servant, David.

Be at peace 🕊🕊🕊