Hello Fam,

Trust you are keeping well, many thanks for stopping by.

Our posts in the past few weeks have been centered on praying and making prophetic declarations over Nigeria. On 21st October 2020, a special edition of the Hallelujah Challenge commenced as led by the Spirit of God.

There have been several prophecies concerning a New Nigeria, and as believers, we’ll no longer hang on the sidelines and watch things unfold. The happenings in the country in the past few days have jolted us to the reality that our help is indeed from above, and not political powers or those in positions of authority.

That’s the premise of this edition of the Hallelujah Challenge. Pastor Nathaniel Bassey has been leading us in praise warfare, as we hand over our battles to God and watch Him fight for us. In addition to praying for Nigeria (and our respective countries), we have also been praying for ourselves from John 16:24, which states “Until now you have not asked for anything in My name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” 

What’s that need that’ll make your joy complete this year? Join in the Hallelujah Challenge, as you worship God with other believers and equally present your request. We’re on Day 4, which leaves us with 17 more days. The sessions start at 12midnight (WAT) daily.

Be sure to spread the word.