Do you have a go-to song that gets you in the mood for worship? What song comes into your mind when you are down and want to hear a word from God? This is my all-time favorite song when I am down, or I need a boost.

I love to worship. It gives me a deep genuine connection with God. Beyond that, my primary reason for worship is the lyrics and Spirit behind it. I love worship songs because it gives me a clue of how other people express their heart towards God on this journey to heaven. Worship is such a deep expression. It removes gloom, restores joy, ignites hope, and sparks change. I mean, worship is a weapon like Dunsin Oyekan says. (P.S: I totally love him).

Back to the song, Planetshakers is an Australian music group founded by Russell Evans in 1997 as a conference, then a church, then the choir/group. Basically, it is a move of the Spirit, and it is clear in the songs they sing.

The song starts out with the lyrics-

“I abandon, every distraction
My attention is set on You
My devotion, Jesus, my portion
My affection is set on You

Sometimes, finding the silence amid the world’s noise is difficult, and this captures it. It is a song of consecration, returning back to our savior for an outpouring and refilling. When I sing this song, I remember that my primary role on earth is to worship him, and that is why I shout out the rest of the chorus-

I will bless the Lord at all times
I will bless the Lord at all times
I was made to worship
I was made to bless Your name.”

Just take a listen to this song, and you would understand perfectly what I mean.

I look forward to coming your way soon. It’s the month of love, it’ll be my joy to point you to my all-time lover; the one who fills me up. He is also the greatest lover there is. I promise not to keep you waiting too long 😉

God bless you,