It’s the weekend people 💃💃🕺

And a really special one at that. Another edition of the Hallelujah Challenge begins this weekend. It’s also the first one in 2021.

We had intimated you about this in our last showcase post, and we thought to remind you to remind all those you had told (beginning with yourself) that it begins at 11.59pm today, 6th February 2021.

Don’t forget to come with your expectations. In Bishop David Oyedepo’s words, “Expectation is the mother of manifestation.” The last thing you want to do to yourself is rob yourself of the blessings this season has because you hadn’t set your expectations right.

So, with your heart of expectation, a list of your desires, a grateful heart and your dancing shoes, you are welcome to another Hallelujah Challenge. Best believe that this one has your name written all over it.

Congratulations already🎉🙌