Hello Dear One,

Welcome to another review edition. In today’s session, we’re gleaning from Jerry Savelle’s teaching on the prophetic word concerning 2021.

He lets us know that God promises 2021 is ordained to be a year of abundant overflow. Yes, that’s as precise as God is. You are probably wondering if God really understands what the world is currently going through. If He did, just maybe He would have decided to hold off on this prophecy until the world stabilizes right?

Well, understand that God’s ways are far higher than our ways. He sees the end from the beginning and that’s why He’s so sure that there’s abundant overflow for you this year. Minister Savelle describes this overflow as flourishing in every area of life according to Deuteronomy 28:1-14. This prophecy covers the Church of Christ as well. The days of the church being synonymous with poverty are far gone.

We’re in a new season, a season of abundant overflow; a season of revival. This is why the abundant overflow is here, but it’ll only be for channels willing to be used. Are you ready?

Listen to the message here and get enlisted into the revival army.