Hello Dear One,

It’s the weekend! Thank God for bringing us to the end of another working week. More over, it’s the last weekend in February, and we’re confident that God will cause you to experience the bounty He has reserved for the end of the month in Jesus name.

One of these bounties is the Marital Breakthrough Service which holds across all branches of Winners’ Chapel tomorrow, 28th February 2021. Sadly, the marriage institution is one that has suffered many attempts of discoloration by the devil. God, the author of marriage intended for it to be beautiful. So, if your marriage isn’t as beautiful as God created it to be, God is able to turn it around.

I’m not even married at all. I’m getting older, all my relationships end up getting sour...” How about you let God handle it. He’s as interested in your marital settlement, as all other areas of your life. Ps 68:6 (New Living Translation) states, God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. The English Standard Version states, “God settles the solitary in a home…”

God desires to settle you, grant you peace in your home and cause you to experience all the beauty that comes with marriage. As you connect with this service beginning 6am (WAT), Sunday, 28th February 2021, trust God for a marital breakthrough. Don’t forget to invite others.