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In today’s review, we would take a deep into the second of the popular Rich dad, Poor dad series, “Cashflow Quadrant.”

Investment and wealth management structures have evolved with technology over time. As an individual seeking to put money to good use, you can now make use of different applications from the comfort of your mobile phone to purchase several investment instruments you find interesting and affordable.

The investment instruments range from Cryptocurrency to Stocks, Bonds, Debentures, EFT’s (Exchange Traded-Funds), NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) etc. Whichever the investment instrument that catches our fancy, it is important that we keep touch with the basics which is what this book is all about.

The cashflow quadrant as described by Kiyosaki “represents the different methods by which income or money is generated.” The quadrant is depicted below with further explanation.

On the left side of the quadrant we have the E which stands for Employees and the S which stands for Self-employed. The right side has the B and I which stands for Big Business and Investor respectively.

Without prejudice to those represented on the left side of the quadrant, the author alludes that financial freedom is gained by participating in the right side of the quadrant. Although the term financial freedom is relative, the right side of the quadrant fits more with the description of financial freedom in the broad sense.

Thankfully the author does not leave those on the left side out in the rain but offers a path one can take to move over to the right side and make big things happen.

I see this book as thought provoking. Kiyosaki is quick to point out that the book does not offer overnight financial success advice. Advice from the book would have to be worked over time to build a financial foundation and structure that stands the test of time.

Adhering to the insight shared in this book is highly recommended as it helps to create a paradigm shift and position one for sound financial success. As expected this review is only a teaser 😉. Grab a copy for yourself and get the real deal. It is readily available from online retailers as well as your local bookshop.

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